Asian Handicap betting calculator

The Asian Handicap calculator calculates your net profit from:
  • Asian handicap bets (full-ball, half-ball and quarter-ball)

Calculating your net profit from Asian handicap bets
Manchester United are strong favourites to beat Wigan at home, but better value is to be found by backing the Reds on the handicap than on the outright match odds. You decide to place £50 on them in the -2.25 handicap market, because you believe that they will win by 3 goals, but would like to have some sort of insurance against a victory by a 2-goal margin. This example shows how the bet is split up into two bets of £25 each, one against a 2-goal handicap and one against a 2.5 handicap. This means that if Man Utd were to win by only 2 goals, you would get back your stake on the 2-goal handicap bet, but lose your stake on the 2.5-goal handicap bet.

Calculating your net profit from Asian handicap bets

If Manchester United were to win by 3 goals, both parts of the Asian Handicap would win and you would accordingly earn a net profit of £45.13 after paying 5% commission on your market profit of £47.50 (£23.75 + £23.75).

Calculating your net profit from Asian handicap bets

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