Lay dutching - lay the likely losers for a level proft

It is often easier to identify a few likely losers than pinpoint the actual winner. Arb Cruncher calculates how much you should lay each no-hoper for in order to win a level profit if neither wins. The figure in the Profit column is therefore the amount that you would lose if any of the layed selections were to win. Your actual profit if neither wins is just the total of the stakes layed, which is displayed in the pink box at the bottom of the Profit column.

Example 1
This example shows you laying Murray (11.00), Henman (16.00) and Rusedski (21.00) to win a small tennis tournament. You want to spend 100 betting that none of the British players can win.

Multilay instructs you to lay Murray for 9.55, Henman for 6.56, and Rusedski for 5.00. The negative profit figure for each selection shows how much you would lose if one of the Brits were to surprise you and everyone, and actually win the tournament. Your profit if none of them wins is shown in the pink box at the bottom of the Profit column. 20.05 is the sum all 3 backer's stakes, minus a 5% deduction for commission. This means that you are effectively getting odds of just a shade over 1/5 that none of the Brits will win.

Example 2
In this example, you have identified 7 golfers that you believe don't stand a chance of winning the tournament. Winning a golf tournament requires a rare combination of skill, determination, patience and stamina, and it is surprising how many golfers can easily be written off as potential winners. In this example, you want to spend 1,000 on your bet.

As in the above example, the negative profit figures show how much you would lose if one of your supposed dogs actually came through and won the tournament. The pink box at the bottom of the Profit column shows that your profit, after commission, if none of them wins is 189.53. As you had to deposit 1,000 to cover these bets, you would therefore make a healthy return of 18.95% on your investment, as displayed in the pink bottom at the bottom of the Yield column. This means that you are effectively getting odds of just under 1/5 that none of the golfers will win.

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