Dutching - back the likely winners for a level proft

Arb Cruncher calculates the stakes that allow you to spread your stake around a few selections so as to win a level profit if either of them wins. Known as "dutching", this is a very efficient betting technique if you want to have your money riding on more than one selection. You can also use the Multilay calculator to dutch some likely losers.

Example 1
This example comes from a golf tournament which you think will almost definitely be won by one of 3 golfers - Woods (4.00), Singh (7.00) and Mickelson (15.00). They are all best-priced on Betfair and there is plenty of liquidity available at these prices. You would like to spend £500 on all 3 bets.

If you follow the staking pattern recommended by Multiback, you would win £558.68 if either golfer wins. This represents a return of 111.74%, which means that you are effectively backing the trio for a combined price of 2.12.

Example 2
This example shows 6 long-priced horses being dutched at a combined price of 4.89 (yield = 389.06%). There is a max stake limit of £500 on one of the horses priced at 26, and one of the horses available at 34 is best-priced on Betfair.

You will notice a variation of 20p between the profit figures for the 6 horses. This is because the optimal stakes have been rounded up to 2 decimal places due to the impossibility of staking in units smaller than a penny or a cent.

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