The Most Entertaining Casino Games Online

Those who think online casinos are just a digital replica of the Las Vegas experience are mistaken. Online gambling is a much more casual experience, with players that don't seek to get rich while having fun - they simply want to have fun in their own way. Many online casinos players won't even register an account with a real-money gambling venue - they will choose social variants instead. But these can't match the variety of games available at a proper online gambling venue - and they can't replicate the thrill of playing for real money. Online casinos have an amazing variety of games ready for their players - let's see which ones of them are the most fun to play.

Slot machines

Slot machines have been among the most-played casino games since their invention more than a century ago. In time, they evolved from ingenious mechanical gaming machines to electro-mechanical ones, then to video slots before finding their way online. Today, there are literally thousands of online slot machines available in hundreds of gaming venues on the internet you can find among these New Zealand online casino reviews.

Slot machines can be inspired by pretty much anything, from sports and movies to cars, TV shows, and whatever else you can think of. And they are a lot of fun to play.


One of the most popular game both in online and land-based casinos. Blackjack is special - it doesn't rely on chance alone but also puts the players' minds to the test. It is one of the few casino games that can be influenced by the players' decisions - there are strategies that they can apply to bend the odds in their favour and win more.

Aside from being a potentially profitable casino game, blackjack is also very entertaining. Part of its appeal is its fast pace - you can literally play tens of hands within minutes.

Casual games

Online casinos do not limit themselves to classic, traditional games of chance. Instead, they are always seeking to find new games to keep their players entertained. Quite often, they will create games similar to traditional video games, involving more than just chance - often elements of skill. And these games are insanely fun to play.

One of the most notable such attempts to fuse games of chance with video games in the traditional sense of the word is Microgaming's "Max Damage and the Alien Attack". It is a vertical-scrolling space shooter where the player controls a ship meant to counter an alien invasion. Shooting an invading alien spaceship counts as a bet placed in this game, and the exploding ships can reveal either the amount the player just won or a powerup to help advance to the next - increasingly difficult - stage.
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