Arb Cruncher Chant Quiz

If there's one thing that football fans do well, it's coming up with chants, songs, and anthems for their teams. The chants are usually adaptations of popular songs and are used to encourage the home team or slight the opposition. In football, 'home advantage' is a factor which betters will have to take into consideration if they are placing bets on the Paddy Power football odds site. One of the reasons why this advantage exists is because the support of the home fans gives them a psychological advantage of their opponents.

Fans tend to sing general songs such as "Glory Glory". These are sung to cheer on their team, whilst other chants like "You're Not Singing Any More" are used to unnerve the opposition team and fans. Whilst general chants are used the most often, there are also chants and songs which are specific to one team. It's not just general songs that are used in the stand. Team specific songs such as "You'll Never Walk Alone" are sung only sung when certain teams are playing.

If you think that you've got good knowledge of football chants and anthems then give this quiz a try. How many can you get correct?

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